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Looking for generated test data?

b.ignited developed the perfect solution: Test Data Generator.

An idea, that evolved into a command line application, into a rudimentary UI application that now became a serverless application. It became a prime example of how we grow as a company and as consultants.

As the company grew, we kept solving the same hurdles. Everyone was reinventing the wheel. So it was time to consolidate our algorithms. And behold, our first iteration of the test-data-generator. While we will continue to improve and expand its functionality, our impatience got the better of us. It was time to share it with the world.

Our generator helps test automation engineers and manual testers generating correct and specific data to test any application. From the specific combination of BIS Numbers to KBO Numbers and even UUID, b.ignited has your test data covered.

An overview of all the test data that can be generated with our tool can be found below. Want to generate other types of data? Let us know, and who knows, we can work it out for you.

The Infrastructure

The Data generator tool is written in Python, deployed as lambda functions on AWS, accessible using the AWS API gateway, with a frontend built in angular, deployed on an AWS cluster.


At the moment we have fourteen different API requests for your convenience. And several more on the roadmap.

BIS number

BIS or Belgian Unique Identifier is a unique identification number for someone who works in Belgium but doesn't live there. These numbers are often used for ex-pats or seasonal workers. This call handles two different parameters: isGenderKnown and isBirthdateKnown. Both of these influence how the number is generated.

INSZ number

INSZ or Social Security Identification Number is another unique identification number in Belgium, this number is used to identify each civilian in the country. The number is given at birth, based on the date of birth and the sex of the baby. This call handles an amount parameter and a birthdate parameter. The user can define the amount of INSZ numbers required.

In the future, the gender parameter will be added.

KBO number

The Companies Register or KBO number is the unique identification number for companies in Belgium. Every company in Belgium is required to have such a number. Again, the amount parameter is used here.

In the future, two possible versions of this number will be possible. The Belgian government has decided that new kbo numbers will start with a 1 after January 2023.

Lorem string

At times a text of a specific length is required. And while there is always the option of counting your keystrokes or using Word to count the characters, we decided that generating the lorem string to a specific length would improve the quality of life. This is done using the length parameter. Another parameter to use here is a lettersOnly, removing any pesky punctuation or spaces.

NIHII or RIZIV number

RIZIV (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) or NIHII (Number assigned by the National Institute for Health and Invalidity Insurance) is again a unique identification number, this time of anyone in the medical sector in Belgium. In the request, two different parameters are available. The most important parameter is the profession of the person. As each NIHII or RIZIV number will be different for each profession. So we have provided the eight options written in Dutch: "arts, ziekenhuisapotheker, tandarts, vroedvrouw, verpleegkundige, kinesitherapeut, logopedist, apotheker, ziekenhuis, klinisch-laboratorium". The second parameter is the version. Value 1 returns a pre-april 2007 version of the nihii number, while value 2 will generate a post version.

License plates

Considering the complexity in creating different license plates, it was an easy decision to automate the process of generating this information for our consultants and colleagues. This request has been kept simple. Just add the type of license plate you want. These are some of the possibilities: 1971-1973, 2008-2010, senators, diplomats, royalty, international and many more...


A universally unique identifier (UUID) is a 128-bit label used for information in computer systems. The term globally unique identifier (GUID) is also used.

In order to facilitate automation, we've added the creation of uuid, including it's different versions (1 and 4). It stands to reason that this is a parameter.

Citizen Service Number

The Citizen Service Number (CSN) or Burger Service Nummer (BSN) is an exclusive identification number assigned to individuals who need to interact with the Dutch government. If you plan to reside or be employed in the Netherlands, you are required to acquire a BSN. To obtain a BSN, you must complete the registration process at your local municipality. This addition was made to our test data generator following a request made during the EuroSTAR conference.

NIS Code

The NIS code is an alphanumeric code used for statistical processing of geographical areas in Belgium. It serves as a unique identifier for different regions within the country. The NIS code is employed for various statistical analyses and data processing conducted by statistical agencies and government bodies in Belgium.

Court record numbers (Proces verbaal nummers)

Each "proces-verbaal" is assigned a unique identification number, known as the "proces-verbaal nummer," which helps in referencing and tracking the specific report in subsequent legal processes or administrative procedures.

Unix code

The unix timestamp is a time-honored method of communicating time in computer programs. It is only fitting that testers, developers, analysts, and others can convert any timestamp is a readable format.

Phone numbers

A phone number does not need explanation. If you need to test phone numbers, you can generate them thanks to our Test Data Generator.

Insurance numbers (Polis nummers)

The "polisnummer" is the unique code by which an insurance policy is registered with the insurer. This number serves as a policy number or insured party number.

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