Our colleagues should have the opportunity to do what they love. We give you the chance to further develop your skills and we offer you new challenges. We want to make sure you keep up with the newest developments in your field so you can use that knowledge in your work for the customers.


Are you looking for an internship where you can work closely with your team members and at the same time learn how to work independently. At b.ignited that is possible.

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Working together

Working for b.ignited, is working for a passionate and vibrant team. We give all our colleagues enough freedom so they can grow professionally and personally. All that by guiding and supporting them wherever and whenever they need.

Monthly workshops, knowledge sharing, fun events with the entire team… all of this contributes to a great collaboration.


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The amount of support b.ignited provides in all my professional endeavors is unmatched. In the time I’ve been here I’ve grown from a junior test automator who had never even written a unit test before into now leading a team of colleagues at a customer. Every day I come into work I’m welcomed by an environment which allows me to thrive and push myself. This in combination with the flat structure and the open communication from our management are some of the biggest factors why working at b.ignited is great and why I’m excited for what our future together will bring!

Thomas Decock - Test Automation Engineer

The team

Arne Smouts

Thomas Decock

Pieter De Bie

Kevin Maes

Ruben Claes

Joris Mariën

Maren Smeets

Wim Raes

Roland Thuys

Merlijn Vanherck

Dimitri Jambers

Dorien Saliën

Sam Koeck

Koen Van Belle

Patrick Van Ingelgem

Our benefit package

Next to a salary in Euro's, you will also receive a lot of additional benefits.

Vacation Days

20 legal vacation days are supplemented by 6 extra days. Also, all holidays that fall on the weekend can be recuperated and used freely during the year.

Study Days

In addition to your vacation days, you will receive 6 education days which can be spent freely.

Work-life balance

We understand that there is life outside b.ignited. That’s why you can work from home or in the office.

Knowledge sharing

We organize monthly workshops, give you the opportunity to follow interesting courses and achieve new certifications.


A self-chosen company car is added to your salary package. Added to this, you get a fuel card for the Benelux, electric charging in Europe.


You will not only receive a daily food budget. At the office bread, toppings, coffee, tea… is daily provided.


Hospitalization for you and family living with you is provided. We also add you to the group insurance package.

Phone subscription

You will get a monthly budget for your phone subscription.

Flex-income plan

Thanks to the flex income plan, you decide on your own extra advantages. Think of additional vacation days, phone, extra car budget, lease bike, …