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In an ever-changing world filled with innovative technologies, everyone wants to be up to date with their software applications. No one wants to launch a solution or a release with bugs. Test Automation is the art of qualifying applications and giving valuable information to your development teams. This way they know how to improve the software of your applications before you launch them.

In short, Test Automation is the practice of running software tests automatically. Of course, it involves a lot more, think of: Test data, scheduling, pipelines, reporting... It will fit perfectly with your continuous delivery approach.

The advantages? The most important ones are of course speed, accuracy, coverage, and fast feedback of reporting. And it does not stop there, once properly implemented, it reduces the time to market for your application and releases, quality of them will increase, costs will decrease, and manual testers will increase their focus.

Once the test automation setup has been done correctly, deadlines will be met without any problems, human errors will be outdated and reports will no longer be delayed, if necessary, simultaneously with the correct action in response to the result of that reporting.

b.eginning our quality assurance journey together

When we start a project together, b.ignited will not blindly begin with automating everything. Together with the customer we will take a closer look at what the right technical solution could be. A POC (Proof Of Concept) might provide more clarity. Afterwards we decide which frameworks will be used, how we can build this architecturally, which test data can be used or reused, in which environments the automated tests should be performed, who should see the results and reporting, and so on, and so forth.

b.ignited as your partner for Test Automation

Our main activity is Test Automation and thanks to our focus on the knowledge and professional growth of our colleagues, we can offer you multidisciplinary quality assurance consultants.

Since we try to be technology agnostic, we work with a variety of programming languages and test automation tools, from Java, over Python and JavaScript to .NET. In terms of tools, it also depends for what purpose we write tests, i.e., frontend we prefer Cypress, Selenium, Selenide or Playwright, when it comes to API testing, we use Postman or SoapUI, for some exotic solutions we sometimes write an artisan piece of code, and in extreme cases we also have partnerships with tool vendors who can also test legacy applications, or pieces that are behind a Citrix.

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