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The journey of Interns Muskaan and Viktor at b.ignited


Muskaan Parikh en Viktor Vermeire



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Being an intern was a new challenge that we both hadn't experienced yet. We got the opportunity to experience this at b.ignited. But first, let us introduce ourselves. We are Viktor and Muskaan from KdG College, and we are in the final year of our bachelor's program. Likewise, we both opted for the same curriculum, which was Full Stack Development.

The match

We started our first day with a fair bit of nerves, unsure of how everything would play out. However, our meeting with Patrick and Koen quickly alleviated our tension as they warmly introduced us to Maude, an intern who was already working for almost a year as a student for b.ignited. She gave us a comprehensive rundown of the project, named ‘b.ignition’, on which we would be working on. In addition to meeting Maude, we were introduced to the other employees and interns, all of whom were incredibly welcoming. They made it clear that we didn't need to hesitate to ask for help if needed, creating an open environment. As we settled into our roles within the b.ignition project, we discovered that there was no need for our initial nervousness. The team's welcoming nature and support allowed us to quickly find our place within the group.

The ignition of friendships

This newfound comfort empowered us to voice our opinions and ideas during meetings about b.ignition. We were pleasantly surprised by the collaborative atmosphere that fostered the sharing of ideas. As interns, we still had the best practices fresh in our minds, and the team were more than willing to listen to these ideas and where possible, implement them. They encouraged us to voice our opinions about the already existing code. We didn't have the feeling that we were interns but equals in the development of the b.ignition product and the company.

We were not the only interns at b.ignited, and quickly we created a strong bond with everybody. Despite being from different schools and curriculums, we found common ground and shared goals. This collaboration with fellow interns became a highlight of our experience. We supported each other, shared knowledge, and worked together to overcome challenges. The collective growth and mutual encouragement fostered a sense of unity that made the workplace feel like a second home.

The ignition of knowledge

In addition to working on the product, b.ignited provided us with opportunities to expand our knowledge and skills. One notable experience was a class about Docker. The Docker class introduced us to the world of containerization, where we learned about its benefits and how Docker enables the creation and management of lightweight, isolated environments. Led by experienced professionals, the class covered essential concepts such as container creation, image management, and deployment strategies. Through hands-on exercises, we were able to build and run our own Docker containers, gaining practical experience that deepened our understanding.

As the weeks passed, we can confidently say that thanks to the talented and supportive team at b.ignited, we have not only made contributions to the project but also expanded our professional horizons. We grew both professionally and personally, thanks to the warm and supportive environment, collaborative atmosphere, and the opportunities to expand our knowledge. The experiences we gained have ignited a passion within us to excel in the IT field. It is now our responsibility to keep the spark alight and continue our journey with enthusiasm and determination.