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Navigating Test Automation: Unveiling My 10-Week Internship Journey at b.ignited


Marloes van der Zalm



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After two and a half years of evening school at AP college, I was ready for the last milestone, a 10-week internship. With this post, I’d like to share my experience of these two and a half months at b.ignited. A great opportunity to develop my skills in test automation.

How we first met

As a programming student, I learned a little bit about everything: frontend, backend, and mobile. I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go for an internship, and I never even thought about test automation.

Wandering around at the internship event of AP, I bumped into b.ignited for the first time. Some exciting stories about the Cronos Group, de company culture, and the possibility to learn a lot, left me with a very positive first impression. Since I had little knowledge in test automation, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about this topic.

Introduction to project ‘b.ignition’

Mid-February I started this 10-week test automation journey. A very warm welcome, after which I got introduced to ‘b.ignition’, an ongoing project to create a test-results dashboard for their customers. The team already working on the project, gave a very complete explanation about every part of the project and all other things I needed to know, like guidelines, best practices, and information about working with AWS. It seemed like a challenge. Compared to other projects I’d worked on so far, this was a lot more complex.

They provided me with all the necessary tools, so I was very excited to start!

What I learned: From planning and organizing my work to Cypress

I had never worked with the front-end testing framework Cypress before. It’s a very easy-to-use framework with very clear documentation and examples. The ease of working with this framework really motivated me to learn more about it and take my knowledge to a higher level. Starting with smaller tasks and working on bigger issues also taught me how to plan and organize my work. Another big plus, I was able to put the theoretical knowledge of working AGILE into practice.

How was my experience?

The team I worked with was incredibly helpful, I was always able to ask questions at any time, so I was never stuck on an issue for a long time. It was great to be welcomed as a full member of the team, the trust really boosted my motivation and confidence. Also, the possibilities the company is offering to keep learning and putting a lot of effort in a positive team spirit is remarkable! I’m very happy our paths have crossed, I feel proud, and I look back to a very memorable period.

What’s next?

After my internship, fortunately, the adventure at b.iginited did not end, after these two and a half months I got the opportunity to start as a consultant. I was able to start immediately at a client, where I can apply and further expand my experience gained with Cypress. A new project, a new environment and techniques I haven't worked with before, plenty of challenges! Grateful for this opportunity, I enthusiastically look to the future and the many things I will learn.