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First impressions count: My interview experience with b.ignited


Mats Van Audenaeren



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The job application. A moment that often leaves a lasting impression. During my job search, many interviews were similar and monotonous. But the one with b.ignited? That really stood out. There was something special in it. Let me tell you why...

A Warm Welcome: My First Online Interview with b.ignited

My first contact and interview was an online meeting with Patrick and Julie. What struck me immediately was the pleasant welcome, despite the digital screen between us. It didn't feel like a standard interrogation, but more like a two-way conversation to see if we were a good match. The space I was given for my questions and doubts immediately gave me a sense of comfort.

A Deeper Dive into the Company Culture of b.ignited

After this conversation, a short test followed to assess my knowledge. It was refreshing that they were interested not only in who I was but also in my general IT knowledge, which, to be honest, had somewhat faded. Then, I gained more insight into the company culture, job content, and various opportunities within b.ignited. This helped me to form a better picture of the work environment.

A Practical Test: A Fresh Perspective on IT

But then... A surprise. Suddenly, Patrick said he would like to have a closer look at my practical skills through a technical test. I had not experienced this in any other job interview. Right after the interview, I found the task description in my email. It was challenging but achievable.

The technical test, of course, also had to be reviewed and discussed. This took place in the office. This conversation would ultimately convince me to choose b.ignited. Questions were asked about what I thought of the test, what was difficult, how I would approach certain programming problems, etc. Then, there was again room for a conversation that went beyond technical aspects; interest was shown again in me as a person, which was extremely valuable.

The Team Dynamics: A Glimpse of b.ignited

What stayed with me the most was the pleasant atmosphere and family feeling during these conversations. There was room for jokes, a relaxed atmosphere, and an extensive tour of the office, which made me feel immediately connected to the work environment.

Meeting other colleagues gave me a glimpse of the team dynamics... Which, let's say, is the most valuable aspect of b.ignited.

b.ignited showed that they were not only interested in my skills but also in creating a family feeling. This combination of teamwork and professionalism convinced me to seize this opportunity with both hands.