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A successful internship at b.ignited, the story of Ruben and Bert





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This story begins, when 2 boys, almost ready with their college studies, had to find an IT internship. The boys are named, Ruben and Bert and they integrated into the b.ignited team for 3 months. Both students from KDG college put their full focus on the project around b.ignition, a new test automation, cloud platform. They got the opportunity to add their knowledge around DevOps, Full Stack Development and much more to the project, all while learning and broadening their own skillset.  

Ruben and Bert both majored in “system and network management”, which they followed at the KDG college in Antwerp. The perfect orientation to end up at b.ignited.  

Finding the way to b.ignited 

Both Ruben and Bert majored in “System and Network Management”, the perfect orientation to start an internship at b.ignited. “Thanks to a network moment at our school I got in touch with some people from your team and I could immediately sense the great energy among them. All my questions about the project were clearly answered and was very interesting. Therefore, the internship assignment was immediately in my top 5”, says Ruben.  

“It was thanks to Ruben that I got in contact with b.ignited”, tells Bert, “I was listening to other companies and their projects, but the corporate structure of those companies was not something I could see myself working in. When Ruben talked about b.ignited and the way of working, my decision was easily made.” 

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A smooth internship with lots of guidance 

The internship itself went very smoothly for both Ruben and Bert. They told us that they were very well included in the group, especially compared to fellow students, doing internships in other companies. "We were placed in a Grey Field project at b.ignited, a project that was already ongoing. It was very interesting, and we were well introduced to it. All that and more made it very pleasant to work at b.ignited", says Ruben. 

"I also think that the way we were introduced to the project was very nice. The fact that it was an ongoing project was for me the best way to get to know the workflow and learn to work in a professional team”, adds Bert. 

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A challenging and educational internship 

The first thing that either Ruben and Bert remarked in b.ignited, was the pleasant atmosphere. Nobody treated them as interns, but got the feeling that they were part of the entire team. They both found the internship assignment challenging, but also fun and educational.  

“In the beginning the internship assignment seemed a lot, but I liked the fact that I was given a challenging project. This kept me interested throughout the entire process. I was even happier with my choice for b.ignited when I heard from fellow students that they just had to write documentation during their internship”, says an enthusiastic Bert.  

The same goes for Ruben. “Thanks to my internship, I really learned what it is like to end up in the business world. I was also able to learn a lot of new things, like AWS, for example”. Bert eagerly adds: “Yes, also Selenium vs Selenide was new to me. And I learned how to program something I do not normally do.”  

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Kudos and an unforgettable journey.  

Ruben and Bert are both proud of their internship of 8 weeks. It was even more fun, when Koen, one of their internship supervisors, came to give them Kudos and told them ‘It is nice to see how much you were able to achieve in only 8 weeks’. 

“I will not only remember the project, but also the many activities that b.ignited organizes for its people. Not only fun and games at the activities of b.ignited. There are also the monthly workshop we could attend. It was so nice to see how every month they handled a new topic," tells Bert. “And I will never forget how it felt when we had to test our project for the first time and after several tries, it finally worked!”, ends Ruben.  

Triggered to follow an internship at b.ignited? That is possible! Contact us today, and we will look into your possibilities.